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Gangs in Literature/History

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Much of the action in The Outsiders revolves around two rival gangs. Many gangs have existed throughout literature and history. You will examine four rival gangs – two from literature and two from history – and come up with a reasonable solution to their problems. Follow steps 1-5 for each set of rival gangs.

Step One:  Identify one side of the conflict. Who are they, and what is/are their problem(s)?
Step Two: Identify the opposing side of the conflict. Who are they, and what is/are their problem(s)?
Step Three: What has happened as a result of their conflict(s)?
Step Four: Come up with at least three solutions you can come up with to help resolve these conflicts.
Step Five: If you had to choose a side, which side would you choose and why?


The Capulets vs The Montagues from Romeo and Juliet
Read information about these two gangs here at the Shakespeare Resource Center or here at SparkNotes.


The Hatfields vs The McCoys
Read information about these two feuding familys here, here, or here.

1960s Background

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In groups of two or three, research your assigned topic from the 1960s. You and your partner(s) will be responsible for teaching the class about your topic on Monday.

In order to teach the class about your topic, you and your partner(s) should design a PowerPoint. The PowerPoint should include all relevant information that you find on your topic, images to help showcase that information, and a Works Cited page. Make it as interesting as possible! Save the presentation to a flash drive to present.

Group A: Music
Group B: Television
Group C: Pop Culture
Group D: Fashion
Group E: Greaser Subculture
Group F: Events in the 1960s

February 28, 2013

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This post only applies to you if you have completed all of the following assignments: your Story Jumper book, your passive/active voice worksheet, and the Black History Month webquest.

You have two options. You may either complete an “Article of the Week” assignment for extra credit or you may play these games on vocabulary. 

If you would like to complete the “Article of the Week” assignment, follow these steps:

1. Visit CNN or The New York Times

2. Select an article of your choice.

3. Read and analyze the article. Consider in your analysis

-Comments that show you understand the article
-Questions you have that show what you are wondering as you read
-Notes that differentiate between fact and opinion
-Observations about how the writer’s choices (word choice, perspective, organization etc) affect the article

4. This may be completed on your blog or on notebook paper. You may read up to three articles and write an analysis for each for extra credit. Keep in mind that just because you read and analyze the article does not mean you get a 100. Your analysis must be done well!

Black History Month

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If you have finished your book, you should participate in the following assignment. This assignment is not optional; however, you will receive extra credit to low grades for your completion of it.

Click on the link and complete the Black History Month webquest. Complete the responses in complete sentences on your own blog. This should take you more than one class period, and this is fine! Just make sure you either save your draft or publish what you finish so you can edit it later. Do not try to rush to complete it in one day. You have time, so take it and do a good job.

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Visit this site and read one of the fairy tales. On your blog or on a sheet of notebook paper, summarize the story you read with as much detail as you can remember. Then in a separate paragraph, answer the following:

1. Had you heard of/read this story before today?
2. If so, how does this version compare to the version you knew before?
3. If you were going to turn this fairytale into a movie, what kind of movie would it be? (Cartoon, comedy, drama, which actors etc)


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Click me!


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“. . . Recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world.”

— preamble, Declaration of Human Rights, 1948

The Diary of Anne Frank takes place in Europe during World War II, a time in which one of the most notorious genocides in history was taking place. The Holocaust was not the first or the last genocide the world has seen. Many genocides came before it, and many have occurred since.

If you are done with your project, check out at least one of these sites. They all talk about the genocide that is currently going on in the Darfur region of Sudan. Holocausts and genocides are not limited to Hitler and the 1940s – they can, and do, still happen today.

Students for Darfur

United to End Genocide

When you have read a little about this, answer the following prompt on your own blog.

Did you realize genocides and mass killings were still happening the world? How do you feel about that? Do you think there is anything you can do, whether on a large or small scale, to help prevent these atrocities? Do you think this could ever happen in the United States? Why or why not?

January Book Reviews

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Just a reminder – you will not be writing a book review for the month of January. Your cereal box project will count as your home reading assignment this month. Those are due on January 31!

Political Arguments

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Write a paragraph (5-7 sentences) about which political party you believe you belong to and explain why you believe this. This is just a guess – you cannot be wrong as long as you explain your reasoning.

After you take the political party survey, you will come back to this entry you have just created and edit it. Add the following:

  1. Now that you have examined the different platforms of the Republican and Democratic party, which candidate do you think would be the best fit for the presidency? Explain your answer.
  2. How did the results you received from your political survey compare to your predictions/beliefs about which part you belonged to? Did the results surprise you at all?

Remember, everyone is entitled to their opinions. Just because someone disagrees with you does not mean either of you is wrong. These are your thoughts!